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Sue Spargo Notions

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  • Applique Pins

  • Loop Easy Creative Stitching Tool


    Conceived in Sue Spargo’s studio, Loop Easy is their latest Creative Stitching tool, designed to make perfect loops every time! 

    • Each set contains three templates
    • Each template is composed of steps that differ in height (increments: 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″)
    • Steps differ in length to accommodate various sizes of thread
    • White 1/8″ guides assist in marking and stitch placement
    • Perfect for the raised leaf stitch (instructions can be found in Creative Stitching Second Edition pg 175), grass, and blossoms, or any stitch that requires loops! Loop Easy can also be used as a measuring tool for fine details, as the guides are 1/8″ apart.
    1. Place Loop Easy on your project where you’d like the loops to be
    2. Decide how long you would like your loops to be, and choose the appropriate template and step for your desired loop size.
    3. Bring your needle to the front of your work next to one of the white guidlines, then bring your needle to the back of your work next to the same guideline, on the other side of the template.
    4. Continue this process for as many loops as you would like, using the white guide lines for even spacing
    5. When you have the number of loops needed, pull your Loop Easy template out of the loops and complete your stitch as desired, or leave the loops as they are
    The possibilities for this tool are endless, get creative and experiment with different threads and stitches!
  • Spoke Easy Creative Stitching Template


    Designed exclusively in Sue Spargo’s studio for accurate placement and length of spokes, these special templates are the first in their series of Creative Stitching templates.

    • Each set contains six templates; connected by a ball-chain and clasp so that they can easily be separated and used freely
    • Each template has a different number of spokes, ranging from five to ten
    • With 1/8″ guides, you can make a circle ranging in size from a 1/4″ to 1-1/2″ in circumference
    • The possibilities are endless! Use for Whipped + Woven Circles, Picot’s, Eyelet Wheels + much, much more!
    • Dimensions: 2-3/4″ x 2-1/8″ x 3/4″
      Conveniently sized and great for stitching on the go!
  • Sue Spargo Chenille Needles #18

  • Sue Spargo Chenille Needles #24

  • Sue Spargo Creative Stitching Needle Pack


    Creative Stitching Needle Pack – a saving of $5 compared to buying the contents of the pack individually

    Pack includes one tube (x4 needles per tube) of each of the following needles: Gold Eye Milliners #3, 1, 15, Gold Eye Chenille #24, 18, Short Darner #9, 11, Tapestry #24, 20, Long Darner #1 + fabric printed needle labels.

    Did you know??? 
    We’ve made using the right needle sew easy!
    green tube = use with green spools (Eleganza #8)•

    purple tube = use with purple spool (Eleganza #5)•
    blue tube = use with blue spool (Eleganza #3)•
  • Sue Spargo Fabric Needle Labels


    Printed needle labels from Sue Spargo

  • Sue Spargo Long Darner Needles #1


    Sue’s exclusive ‘LONG DARNER #1’!  As with her entire collection, these needles are made in Japan and  double polished for exceptional performance. What’s the need for a Long #1 Darner?  The long length of these needles allows for stitching extra long stitches such as Drizzle Stitches, Bullion Knots and Woven Picots!

    • Size 1; extra long length
    • 4/Tube
  • Sue Spargo Milliners Needles #1


    Sue’s exclusive ‘Gold Eye Milliners #1’!  Made in Japan, these needles are uniquely designed with a large, gold eye for easier threading.  Double polished for exceptional performance, these Milliners offer effortless piercing through multiple layers of wool and other fibers.

    • Size 1; longer eye
    • 4/Tube
    • purple tube = use with purple spool (Eleganza #5)
  • Sue Spargo Milliners Needles #15


    Sue’s exclusive ‘Gold Eye Milliner #15’!  As with her entire collection, these needles are made in Japan and  double polished for exceptional performance.  What’s the need for a #15?  The #15 is the ultimate solution to handling and embellishing with thicker threads! With its uniquely designed extra large, gold eye, threading and stitching with Pearl Cotton #3Pearl Cotton #5Gimpe and Oriental Linen is a dream!

    • Size 15; extra large eye
    • 4/Tube
    • blue tube = use with blue spool (Eleganza #3)
  • Sue Spargo Milliners Needles #3


    An addition to Sue’s exclusive needle collection- the ‘Gold Eye’ Milliner #3!  As with her entire collection, these needles are made in Japan and  double polished for exceptional performance.  What’s the need for a #3?  The Gold Eye #3 is our go to needle for Eleganza size 8, but is also a wonderful alternative to the Chenille #24 for embellishing and stitchery if you suffer from hand fatigue or cramping.

    • Size 3; large eye
    • 4/Tube
    • green tube = use with green spool (Eleganza #8)
  • Sue Spargo Short Darner Needles #11


    Sue’s exclusive needle, the Short Darner size 11, the ultimate balance between strength and flexibility.  Made in Japan, the exceptional quality of these needles is incomparable.  With a gold, slightly longer eye, threading these needles is a breeze.  Double polished for superior performance, along with their extremely sharp point, needle-turn appliqué of cottons, silks, velvets, linen and other specialty fabrics becomes effortless.