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Tula Pink

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  • Tula Pink Solids: Taffy

    $25.30 m
  • Tula Pink Solids: Tula – SOLD OUT, ON ORDER

    $25.30 m
  • Tula Pink Stiletto 6″ – SOLD OUT


    The stiletto helps to keep your seams accurate when your fingers won’t let you. Use as a guide under the foot of your sewing machine. Helpful for turning applique edges and more!

  • Tula Pink Swiss Style Angle Tweezers 4 1/2″ SOLD OUT


    Angled 4.5″ Swiss-style tweezers have many great uses: Use tips for precise plucking thread and as a stiletto. Use the back flat side of the tweezers for picking up crystals, metals, or stones.

    A premium collection of hand crafted sewing cutlery. Forged from the highest quality in German grade steel anchored with a 22k gold-plated screw. Designed for durability with quality in mind and sold exclusively through the independent retailers! These are a collaborative effort between Tula Pink & Brewer. Tula Pink likes to keep these bad boys on the right side of her BERNINA sewing machine where BERNINA place a little magnet for easy access to something like the TPHW Swiss Style Tweezers.

  • Under Cover Pattern


    The fabric used, so appropriately, on the pattern cover is from the HomeMade range by Tula Pink.

    Protect your cherished sewing machine with its own quilt!

    Each cover features slip pockets on front and back, a zippered pocket on the left side, and a mesh slip pocket on the right side.

    For easy access to the sewing machine handle, there is an opening at the top. Flaps with magnetic snaps cover the opening.

    The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for covers in three sizes to fit many popular machines:

    SMALL:  Fits machines measuring 12½”H x 15½”W x 6½”D (such as most current BERNINA 3 Series machines)

    MEDIUM:  Fits machines measuring 13”H x 17¾”W x 8”D (such as most current BERNINA 5 Series machines)

    LARGE:  Fits machines measuring 14½”H x 20½”W x 8”D (such as most current BERNINA 7 Series machines)

    The pattern and Add-on Video include instructions for measuring your machine and making adjustments as needed to fit your particular machine.

    Add-on Video notice: There is an Add-on Video™️ available for this pattern. The Add-on Video™️ is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn our best techniques. It doesn’t replace the pattern — it will enhance their sewing experience.

  • Wide Backing Fabric – Measure Twice – Morning

    $45.90 m

    Part of the Tula Pink Homemade Fabric Range

  • Wide Backing Fabric – Measure Twice – Noon

    $45.90 m

    Part of the Tula Pink Homemade Fabric Range