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Sue Spargo Ellana Wool Thread Club

$42.00 / month for 9 months

Receive all 60 of Sue Spargo’s Ellana wool threads over 9 months.

Your credit will be billed $42 (includes $3 postage) each month for 9 months and your thread set of 6 spools will be sent the next day.

The 10th set is FREE and will be sent with the Month 9 set.

This equates to a saving of $39 compared to buying the threads individually.

The thread sets co-ordinate with the wool fabric sets.


Years of product development and research by Wonderfil, along with Sue Spargo’s expertise every step of the way, has created what is to be the finest wool applique thread available on the market. Engineered and finished to the highest quality standard, Ellana is extremely user friendly and the perfect wool thread for both hand applique and machine work. Ellana is fray resistant, contains significantly less fuzz, and possesses unparalleled smoothness.

Sue Spargo’s exclusive line of Ellana wool applique thread, in collaboration with Wonderfil Specialty Threads:

  • 12wt 2 ply, 50/50 Merino Wool/Acrylic Blend
  • High Strength and superb softness
  • Fray resistant, contains significantly less fuzz, and possesses unparalleled smoothness
  • 60 colors available on 70 yard spools that match her wool fabric
  • Use with #24 Chenille Needles