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Sue Spargo Wool Pack 1/32 – Grey


6 pieces of wool fabric 7″ x 9″

Colours included are:

LN30 LN06 LN52 LN04 LN05 LN01


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    Your credit card will automatically be billed $55 (includes $3 postage) each month for 22 months and the next day you will be sent one thread set (6 reels) of Eleganza Thread.

    I appreciate that it is hard to plan this far in advance so this can be cancelled through the subscription page at any time. However if you collect the entire range the 23rd set plus 2 additional threads are FREE and will be sent with the Month 22 set.

    This equates to a saving of $125 over the collection compared to buying individual threads.


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    Your credit card will be billed $43 (includes $4 postage)  each month for 9 months and your Wool Fabric Set will be sent the next day.

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    This equates to a saving of $39 compared to buying the sets individually.

    The Ellana thread sets co-ordinate with the wool fabric sets.